why so tired? just got a bad bed time. why got a bad bed time? just got to discover something really well. why such so well? just some illusion of my mind, what is that? some words which brought me the summer, and some malody.

so here listen.

who would like to read me?


 it has been a while, from…..where i started; what i’ve got to. have i got that? i m not sure, maybe i m just beggin’ someone go to tell me, still i m rushing so much; so hard. it came a habit, a disease. a virus is functioning in me, but it doesn’t seen to have a rejection. right, i admit i let it glows inside me. it has me away……it feels i m apart from myself. i feel so sick to be awake, dying for sleep. it is how the nightmare grows, more like drugs. i think it so be an end. it’s to mad to keep this goes on, thought i’ve stund against all this for so long, i m tried; i m no longer to rush, and i’ve got no way out; until the end……….so be it.