let’s have some vegetables next night instead…

“Couldn’t even get into trouble like a normal boy.”

Never really had that problem until now.

Remember once had petted a chicken before it got turned into my dinner by my mom.

Didn’t notice it was gone till it’s in my stomach.

Almost held a brawl match with her.

The days when I was still a stubborn kid.

Didn’t have a mom that teach me calm a cock.

Always thought a boy without troubles is kinda weird, found the others ordinary and tried to distinguish through numerous troubles.

we can’t live without pulse.

Perhaps I have failed to make me any cooler, the rationality we’ve learnt governed the sentiment we engage; let us build our own constraint.

Considered he was a compelling dad until heard what he said.

When walls are closing in and don’t know where to, let’s say what;

Go for it.