Recently, I stopped writting.

Gonna hate the redundancy of data in my head and it’s time to organize bit about it.

How did I use to deal with it? put it down a paper? Not efficient.

Leaving something not up to use but not to forget.

Been trying to adjust these promiscuous snaps in my head but just ended up in the argument of reason and logic with self.

However does it have to make sense at last? If its nature doesn’t attribute to that way, why compel what they call magic, miracle to produce sense?

For all this time had she just been in my mind? Everything about her mind and mine. something only I recognize, in the form of notion I created.

If it is the case should I as well be the creation of someone, someone’s rendition of me, someone’s character in a different script?

Have I been trying to leave her in the text but this one just turns up against me so badly.

Perhaps this one works better than keyboard and pens.


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