Bon monsieur

Until middle school, I truly realized how blessed was that to have someone care both to teach you and to raise you. Only I was scared by the way they “raise” people prior to my middle school.

When was that a good teacher that once brought me attention?

It must be too long ago, none should recall any memory from those dark ages.

And it’s dark for reason.

Might makes right. Has it been right since ancient time, that it makes things alright.

Was that? perhaps for them, but never for whom that takes things in silence. Subtle souls.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fair, since they are masters and are always right. Kids are ought to listen.

I asked if that has some alternative meanings, they said that’s for our own good.

Perhaps that really was, but those souls could never understand such manner, even years after.

The pang of fire brought descending from duo rulers tied together to the little palms of a child.

Should that really be out of kindness? More like an abuse or demonstration of power, or an expression of fury that they resorted to students, when one could see grudge and hate in their eye.

Overwhelmed, despite noble or hostile all those meanings were overwhelmed by the sting from their whip, the very way kids perceive, the impression of education. Even after all these years, all I remember was the hate in their eyes and the swing of rulers.

But am I to seek repentance from them even after all the years when they no longer carry on this, whereas nowadays kid are likely made of radioactive wastes?

I have no idea.

Kids are always subtle, but they know, and keep quiet. Only we wretched adults don’t.

There went my subtle soul.

Those could never find but encounter, and unlikely to keep. Should there be one or two masters like this in my life of schooling, and just like him, never stay long.


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