It was my rationality that’s ruining everything, but also the very same that keeps us alive.

I can no longer tell it what to do; it began to think for itself.

Such was never something I committed to, but was compelled to.

We are no longer of the green we were and certainly safe from our imaginations.

Yet we will still be die-trying to have the chance we hadn’t had enough.

But time is our enemy, and it gets stronger by second.


prose #1

While making his way home, he would imagine a conversation with a good elder, mentor, friend, or stranger who has profound recognition of this society and the world.

Convincing would it be to say he is wiser beyond his behavior as of now, but no one really understand why his conduct remain still a child’s in so many aspects.

So the sagacious person asks.

“You have grown, but still much to learn.”

“Indeed it would be.”

“But your behavior tells otherwise, it happens you ain’t so willingly to grown up kid.”

“Tell you what, I can grow up if I wish to, I can advance if I want to, I can throw away everything behind me if I care less enough like one another who has no means whatsoever to preserve what’s not retrievable if lost.”

A long sigh he exhales, and continues.

“People in this world have been pushed to grow up, they never really contemplated well enough before being urged to be a man or a woman for whatever purposes they’re required, they don’t even have time to think about the whole thing before the persons who dim themselves wise enough to decide how to think for the young. Do you even know why you want to grow up? Or what it meant to be?”

The man, with authority in his voice says.

“It’s not like you want to or not, only a child’s brain would produce such theory; it is only natural in every person’s DNA to become, not stay. It is shown in evolution, we adopt and we endure. You grow up when you do, there isn’t an option to pause your life in one way or the other, do you just realize what’s in your head is unreal and inefficient?”

“This is a choice; we have a choice, only fellow like you and obviously like anybody have forgotten how to make one. This is a trap of mass consciousness, when everyone around you thinks the same, inevitably you’re appealed to comply, because it feels safer to fall in a trap together than survive alone in the jungle. It’s how they exploit the weakness of every human’s consciousness to shape them the way they want, and while people like me try to resist by choosing the other way around, their agents, you fellows, the mass with unconscious consciousness would defend the doctrine they key in your mind by attacking us the bearers of the extinct cognition in human race.”

His audience is now astonished, but still disapproving.