first time D:

Connected to somebody.

Location: Spain

Partner: hi
Partner: do you want to see my boobs?
You: no
Partner: my pussy?
You: neither:P
Partner: oh..
Partner: i can see your dick?
You: better not D:
Partner: why?
You: because i felt being molested (?)
Partner: pleas
You: 😦

The internet is more dangerous than I have suspected!


surprise? am I suppose to be?

20 years have I lived, and the 21st is about to come.
not even once had I been misinterpreted into a she…(or might I’ve forgotten)
is my cam contains some mysterious magic or what?
just too damn funny 😀

Connected to somebody.

Location: Pakistan

Partner: hi
You: hi
Partner: how r u?
You: fine
Partner: nice looking
You: u too
Partner: thanks
Partner: can i see you completely i mean please stand up if you dont mind.
You: see how tall i am?
You: how do i look?
Partner: good looking
Partner: thank
You: 🙂
Partner: good looking
Partner: realy
You: tell me what is your best wish
Partner: i want to go hong kong.
Partner: i want to meet you.
You: sounds legit!!
Partner: wait
Partner: can you talk me in voice talk
You: my mic’s broken
Partner: its ok
Partner: i like your hair style.
Partner: every thing will ok
Partner: he is my friend .
You: hi there
Partner: he says your looking is nice
You: so does he:)
Partner: are you married?
You: come on! how old do i look like!
Partner: i feel difficult that you are male or female i am sorry if you feel bad
You: have a guess
Partner: i dont know
You: surprise?
Partner: what is surprise for me?
You: that i am male
Partner: realy
You: yeah
You: dont tell me you thought i was girl all along!
Partner: please stand up again if you dont mind because
You: 😛
Partner: please dont mind
You: never