Time does not attribute much these days

It has been ten years since the last purchase of converse shoes. Besides some issues like inconsistent quality, the main reason for not buying any in the interval was very much a problem of size since in this lopsided city where shoes sellers usually import shoes sized no larger than US 10. Hard time finding shoes the right size is the common frustration of people with ‘big feet’.
This one new release however, does appear to bear certain potential other than its outward appearance. Though some unpleasant experience was met in the past, the desire to have another try is not ignorable. As usual, eBay is generally the place for items that’s not available here.

Price is ok and delivery is fast; only, the problems supposed should’ve been fixed in these ages make their return.


somewhat crooked outer plastic layer


dirt seems to be glued to the plastic surface


another persepctive


more obvious this angle


the left one’s plastic binding is crooked. note the left most ledge and the levels difference between two shoes.


the left side is lowered


the right side raised


To put up with these flaws is exactly the reason why there was not one pair of converse shoes in the box for the bygone decade.

I begin to understand why vans and other brands are selling overwhelming good nowadays. Although not some high fashion stuff, such quality in this day and age should in no way be allowed to pass QC. Yet for almost one third more the price of most models of its competitors, flaws continue to fly.

Disappointment is an understatement.