Missed the breeze

Blood in sedimentation

Gave a shot

Thin air

Impatient act

Want for reaction

Mental work disturbs

Worship you still

Inert attitude

White got stained

Wash away

Low price soap

Turned it to dead fish




You and me

Hot water tingling spine

Hustle underneath

Head to implode

Cold spring in face

Eyebrows regress

Blown by unconditioned air






Another day



Once more in vain and not into veins.

Am I too fast ahead, or are you nowhere to follow?

How should I sustain? As if no mast to cling, nowhere to clutch, not in touch.

I don’t worship fire do I? How it warms and hurts.

Blood in my lips, seen by my eyes but not to recognize, until it reaches the tongue of mine.

How do I call you?

What’s the face of yours to display?

And the shape for me to manage?

With no deal in the deed,

Shiver corresponding to our skin.

But what about within?

I tried insist but wouldn’t persist.

Couldn’t face it but screw it.

The clarity in face, image of nature, nature of life.

No, I don’t sense it.

Or if I do…

Physics should I study well before attempting; or mentally incoordinate upon those moves?

What you are thinking of, what I am looking for don’t match at all.

Sadly grief is what I be asking.

Strength had I proffered; didn’t seem popular any time.

With I possess solid, would you offer the hollow.

Only woe has left within by collision.

You win, you always win.

But I am getting tired in this parade, we need to do something, or I will do this alone.

I wouldn’t really gonna ask if I could have walked this through over time.

Okay, tell me if it is.